Question: Can you give an estimate over the phone?

Answer: Our company policy is to personally serve each customer in providing a free estimate. In order to give our customers the best possible price we must analyze each job in person.

Question: Is your company local?

Answer: Econo Pro Painters, LLC headquarters is in Las Cruces, New Mexico but we cover a 150 miles radius.

Question: What is your guarantee? 

Answer: Our Company will stand behind its work. We offer a manufacturer's warranty on Stucco coatings and Roof coatings.

Question: How long does roof coating last?

Answer: Econo Pro Painters LLC is a certified installer of Elastek. Elastek offers a 7-year manufacturers warranty on two coats of Elastek "Extreme" roof coatings.

Question: Do you sell paint?

Answer: We do not sell paint.

Question: Do you paint automobiles?

Answer: No

Question: Do you paint Mobile Homes?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do you sell Backer Rod?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the purpose for Backer Rod?

Answer: To fill cracks, joints and gaps before caulking or patching.

Question: Do you offer free estimates?

Answer: Yes, in town estimates are free anything over 40 miles there is a small fuel charge. However if we get the job we will credit the charge.

Question: What size of a job is too small or too big for your company?

Answer: We paint customers garage doors and we have painted the Mesilla Valley Mall and Home Depot.No job is too small or too large.

Question: Do you paint residential?

Answer: Yes, interior and exterior

Question: Do you treat mildew?

Answer: Yes, this situation is best to leave to the professionals due to strong chemicals.

Question: Do you require ½ down or full payment when the project begins?

Answer: On residential projects we require ½ down before we start the project.

Question: Do you accept any of the major credit cards?

Answer: Yes, Mastercard and Visa. We also offer Senior discounts and payment plans.

Question: Are you a roofing company?

Answer: No, we inspect roofs for cracks, buckling, scuppers, etc.If there is serious problems and we can not extend the Life, we will recommend a roofing company.

Question: What does a roof coating do and what are they designed for?

Answer: Roof coatings are designed to reflect heat as well as prolong the life of a roof. The coating does several things; extends the life of older and new roofs, avoids tear-off costs and new roofing, highly reflective for energy savings, and patching around all penetrations prevents leaks!

Question: Do you paint Concrete floors and do they need to be new concrete?

Answer: Yes, we paint interior and exterior concrete floors.We apply; epoxy, xylene based, and water based paint after the correct prep work. We work with new and old concrete.

Question: What are your company hours?

Answer: The office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. The hours are flexible at job sites. There are times that we work weekends and nights.

Question: Do you apply acid stain on concrete? 

Answer: Yes, however, we do not apply acid stain on older concrete.

Question: What is better to paint my stucco with, 100% Acrylic Or Elastomeric?

Answer: First, you must understand the difference between 100%Acrylic and Elastomeric. 100% Acrylic paint adds Protection from the sun and weather and breaths(permeable). Elastomeric bridges cracks, resists water,and waterproofs the surface. Elastomeric is not as breathable so it can trap moisture especially if not applied properly.We do not recommend elastomeric paint on all projects. When the walls are adobe, the foundation allows water to wick up and pop off the elastomeric.There are many different lines of elastomeric and 100% acrylic. When you see a paint that claims to be 100% acrylic it does not mean it is a high quality paint. The acrylic resins are either an extremely good quality such as Sherwin Williams "Super Paint" or Dunn Edwards "Permasheen" or Kwal Paint's "Ambassador" or a much lower grade and all three stores sell high and low grade 100% acrylic paint.

Question:Should my exterior wood be painted or stained and varnished?

Answer: It is a matter of preference. Here in New Mexico, the UV rays are very harmful. Paint would be the first choice because of protection. If wood is going to have a stain,we use a wood preservative such as "Penofin" or "Superdeck". We DO NOT use spar varnish or polyurethanes on exterior wood in New Mexico.

Question: Can you paint latex over oil-base?

Answer: You should never paint directly over oil-based paint with latex. When we paint exterior wood, we sand, clean, and apply an oil-base primer then a latex topcoat. The oil- base primer penetrates better than a latex primer. If we are applying latex on a door and it has an existing coat of oil-base paint, we sand, clean, and apply a bonding intermediate primer before we apply the latex topcoat.